New version 1.0.015

New version 1.0.015, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Added: support for Eneco Toon thermostat, control and read values via portal.
Added: Toon code to set program state and thermostat setpoint.
Added: Toon Commander, needs work, basic settemp and state works though.
Added: Panasonic Viera TV support.
Added: Cross-Origin support in JSON-RPC Added: HTTP/1.1 100-Continue support in JSON-RPC
Added: Preliminary support to push deviceupdates and logupdates via JSON-RPC RAW Changed
Added: Database settings table for Toon thermostat.
Added: Support for the following new devices to RFXtrx plugin. (RFXtrx Firmware 71 needed)
And lots more!
Find the whole changes list here

Donate to DomotiGa

If you use this software or just like the project please consider a donation, either in ideas, code, hardware
or by making a small payment so I can buy new hardware to develop for.
Choose one of the options below to make your donation.

Some people find it more convenient to donate in Bitcoins, please use the address below.
Since there is reference between your e-mail address and donation when paying by Bitcoin,
send me a message via the contact page so I can thank you, or confirm receipt.


I appreciate any help.
This wiki is open for anyone to provide help, let it grow and improve!
Please register and you have wiki editor access immediatly.

Have Fun!
Ron Klinkien

Cleaning up old code

While moving code to GitHub we moved the code of some clients to a separate project/repository.
Some will be archived as unsupported, other code will be looked at.

Please feel free to play with them, donate your code, ideas and whatnot...
You can find them here: (project) (project) (github repositories)

Code moved to GitHub

We have moved the DomotiGa code to You can find the code on
This will make it easier to contribute your code/fixes via pull requests.

If you installed DomotiGa from SVN please follow the instructions posted here to switch to GitHub.
The links and repository browser on this site will be updated soon.

DomotiGa Google+ Community

We have just started a Google+ community.
Feel free to become a member, and share your home automation thoughts...
Click here to visit it.

Wanted 'Yii Programmer or Hobbyist'

I need some help finishing a Yii based web-interface I started to build.
The basis is there but it still needs some work before first Alpha version can be released.
Please contact me via the Contact Support form.

Site updated

Today we installed a complete new uptodate redmine version, new theme, useful new plugins on a new machine.
Hopefully all works ok, if not please leave a message via contact page or e-mail, and I try to fix them ASAP.


Site contents restored

As you may have noticed we had a major site problem Yesterday.
I had to restore a backup of a few days ago, from 15-09-2013 00:01:59 to be exact, thanks Mr. Murphy!
We will do our best to re-add the lost Wiki contents in the next days.
The svn repositories are almost uptodate missing just a few small changes which will be added later today.
Because the svn revision history changed a bit you can get the following error when doing a 'svn up'.
"Could not read chunk size: connection was closed by server."
If so please do a new checkout at another location with 'svn co domotiga'
Sorry for all the inconveniences this may have caused!

Solar Energy

The home of DomotiGa got a bit greener.
MetDeZon installed a 1.750kW solar system last week.
Unfortunately the maximum which can be physically installed on our roof.
Click on the logo for the statistics.

Switching development to Gambas3 versions only.

Due to a chronical free time shortage I decided to only continue development on DomotiGa3 and DomotiGaServer3 from now on.
So please all install the Trunk version of Gambas3 (can be done next to Gambas2) and report any bugs.

I'm preparing to develop for Gambas3 only soon, so no updates or new versions for Gambas2 come out anymore.
If you have issues getting Gambas3 to run on your servers, please let us know.
You can find the code in the DomotiGa3 and DomotiGaServer3 directories.
Make sure you use/install latest Gambas3 trunk revisions if you encounter any problems.

Chromebook Pixel

OK call me nuts but I got myself a Chromebook Pixel from the States. (not an Apple fan here)
Played with ChromeOS for two days, wiped it and installed Ubuntu 'Raring Ringtail' 13.04 on it ;P

It runs Gambas3 and DomotiGa already!
So I finally found a nice, compact laptop with a good screen resolution to develop on. I'm very happy!
This will surely boost development of DomotiGa on Gambas3.

I will post some howto's and tips and tricks soon.

Working; keyboard, camera, sound, wifi, bluetooth, touchpad and touchscreen
Not working yet; acpi powerdown when lit closed, Fx key mappings, other things not discovered yet.

Here the modified driver for Raring Ringtail.

DomotiGa and Gambas 3 development.

In the svn repository you can now find a directory called 'DomotiGa3'. It's the first attempt to port the DomotiGa GUI to Gambas 3.
We want to speed up development since the newer Linux distro's cannot run Gambas 2 any more.
Please try it, and report any related bugs in the forum thread called DomotiGa3 - Report your bugs/errors here!

Started a blog.

I just started a small blog about mostly non-DomotiGa related issues and fixes.
Maybe they can help you too.
You can find it here

Gambas repository location changed.

Sourceforge repository has been upgraded.
Sourceforge has upgraded the Gambas project from its old management software to the new one.
Consequently the subversion repository have been migrated to a new place, and all the checkouts you have done on your local computer are now invalid, you must do a new full checkout again.
The new command for Gambas 2.24.0 is:
svn checkout svn://
svn checkout svn://
for Gambas 3.x

DomotiGa and NFC tags.

David Bruno created and shared a nice youtube video on how to control your DomotiGa setup just by scanning tags with an NFC capable phone.
It involves installing NFC Task Launcher, and defining some actions.

Look here:

Thanks David!

DomotiGa on Raspberry Pi

I started a wiki page with info on how to run DomotiGa on your Raspberry Pi board.
You can find it here RaspberryPi


DomotiGa is Open Source Home Automation Software from the Netherlands. It is written in Gambas Basic and runs on Linux.

You can read all kinds of sensor values with it, let it detect motion and schedule lights at certain times by the use of several hardware, for example an RFXCom receiver, Xanura CTX35 A10/X10 controller and Midon TEMP08 1-wire interface and more … It is released under the [source:/trunk/COPYING GPL v3 License].

The latest version can be downloaded by using [source:/trunk svn].

svn co domotiga

This will download the complete tree in the directory called domotiga. Use the menu on the right to learn more about this project.

You can follow me on Twitter @domotiga

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