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Added by mamruoc almost 3 years ago


I tried to search, but did not find anything matching my question:

In a new installation, I would prefer to run the DomotiGa server as a daemon. My questions are:

1. Does I have to use Gambas 3, is it prefered?
2. If I understand correctly, I have to run the desktop version when setting up, and once done I can use the serve with init scripts to run it as a daemon?

I am using it on a mini-itx VIA EDEN computer, so I would like to use as little as possible of resources.

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RE: New setup - Added by rdnzl over 2 years ago

Gambas2 is more stable but will be replaced by Gambas3 in the near future, you can run the DomotiGaServer3 code with it (it's the cli server code).
The DomotiGa GUI program is not ported to Gambas3 yet, the IDE will do most of the converting for you when you load the project, but the graphics look awful (font, colors and box sizes are wrong), and some code needs to be converted manually, see here for most of the differences:


RE: New setup - Added by mamruoc over 2 years ago

Ok, I see.

My question is then: do I have to use Gambas2 to be able to setup DomotiGa?

For now, I do not care of ugly interface, as long it works.

RE: New setup - Added by rdnzl over 2 years ago

If you are not comfortable with gambas language it's best to use Gambas2 for now.
Gambas3 will convert both DomotiGa programs from 2 to gambas3 upon loading it in the ide, but some small manual converting is still needed to get it to run, you can't find solutions for them on the wiki page mentioned above.