New version 1.0.023

Added by rdnzl about 3 years ago

Fixed: Modbus plugin fixes.
Fixed: MySensors SendCommand should work now
Fixed: MySensors ethernet keepalive timer should stop on a disconnect
Changed: Modbus plugin uses CSerialPort/CSocket now
Added: Some menu icons.
Added: Modbus RTU plugin code. (first version)
Added: Modbus RTU plugin settings form.
Added: Some menu icons.
Added: Modbus RTU plugin database settings.
Changed: Addressformat example for MySensors
Changed: MySensors improved readability of debug logging
Changed: MySensors sensors get the right unit like temp, humidity, etc
Added: More Thermostat support in OpenZWave
Fixed: MySensor don't request an ack from node id assignment, because it will create a loop
Fixed: MySensors could go in endless loop with ack enabled
Fixed: MySensors replied with I_TIME when I_CONFIG was requested
Fixed: Ubuntu 16.04 incompatibility qt4 vs qt5
Fixed: TextEdit changed to TextEditor (gambas3 3.8.0 and up)
Changed: Temporary broke HomeMatic settings (otherwise Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't work)
Updated: domotigaserver3 server script compatibility
Changed: OpenZWave use the proper content-type internally
Fixed: Memory leak in DomoZWave wrapper
Fixed: Memory leak in OpenZWave
Fixed: K8055 plugin didn't compile on Gambas3 3.8.90 (trunk)
Added: JSON-RPC also support simple JSON calls via HTTP URL
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper does async json-rpc calls now
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper makefile matches the library paths
Fixed: Typo in NetworkDetect for devicetype 13
Fixed: Some controller commands didn't work in the DomoZWave wrapper
Added: DomoZWave wrapper gives more details about OpenZWave library
Fixed: Removed deprecated message from DomoZWave wrapper
Changed: DomoZWave wrapper gives less warning for watch fd #-1
Fixed: CSocket authentication also will work with WebSockets
Added: Started with JSON-RPC authentication function
Fixed: Visonic default setting boolean from '1' to '-1'
Fixed: Update version for new install
Fixed: Upgrade 'field protocol doesn't have default value'
Fixed: Upgrade 'data too long for column description'
Changed: Switched from 1.0.022 to 1.0.023
Changed: MySensors removed missing parameter check
Fixed: Edit Users 'admin' setting
Changed: Default admin password is SHA256 encrypted
Changed: SHA256 is default password schemea
Fixed: Users table admin field should be '-1'
Changed: MySensors plugin uses CSocket/CSerialPort now
Added: MySensors heartbeat timer to detect if the ethernet gateway is gone
Fixed: MySensors default settings had debug enabled
Fixed: MySensors setting UseAck couldn't be configured
Changed: Renamed table sslcertificate to sslcertificates
Changed: Moved SSL certificates to 'Edit' menu
Fixed: RFLink Generic device address shouldn't contain '0x' for hex value
Added: Generic RFLink device to map all not known device
Added: Options to user accounts, now we can use bit-fields to use certain features
Added: Default SSL certificate
Changed: Better allignment of sslcertificate settings window
Fixed: JSON-RPC error handling in exceptional situations
Changed: JSON-RPC setting sslcertificate to sslcertificate_id
Added: JSON-RPC method 'value.get' for retrieval of log (history) data
Fixed: JSON-RPC method is now case-insensitive
Changed: Improved JSON encoding for larger structures (>100kbyte), 2-3x faster now
Changed: Improved user management, thanks to johanvandyck
Changed: Conrad8Relay uses the CSocket and CSerialPort
Changed: Removed unused variable in CRFXComTX
Changed: JSON-RPC will reply with 'application/json' in HTTP response
Changed: RFXComTX uses the CSocket and CSerialPort
Fixed: Removed some unused code from CRFXComTRX
Changed: RFXComTRX plugin uses the CSocket and CSerialPort now
Fixed: CSocket didn't return Byte or Byte[] when requested
Fixed: DMXPlayer setting has to be enabled to select serialport
Fixed: Typo in Visonic Socket reconnect retry
Added: Hiding of not used serialports in the selection dialog
Added: JSON-RPC Server settings supports SSL
Fixed: Some small settings in GPS, Jerome and TemperaturNu
Fixed: Error output of JSON-RPC could be double encoded
Added: SSL Certificate settings
Fixed: Resize Thermostat button bar.
Fixed: Found KNX import devices can now be sorted.
Fixed: Display devicetypes again when importing KNX devices.
Fixed: add hue lights to autocreate list #601
Added: Settings for UniPi
Fixed: DomotiGa could crash if CSocket timeout happened
Fixed: Settings Velbus could crash when clicking "Default"
Fixed: Settings Velbus/GenericIO could click on serial when not enabled
Changed: RFLink can send commands now
Changed: RFLink supports most generic devices
Fixed: CSocket only raise Closed once
Fixed: CSerialPort detects physical port disconnect
Changed: CSerialPort/CSocket debug logging improved
Changed: CSocket WebSocket error will reconnect now
Added: Plugin for UniPi
Fixed: RFLink temperature was calculated wrong
Fixed: RFLink humidity is always decimal
Fixed: CSerialPort error handling revised
Fixed: CSocket can do WebSocketi in client mode
Added: New devices can have proper unit values
Changed: Updated RFLink address format list
Fixed: RFLink stored address is uppercase, should be lowercase
Fixed: RFLink temperature calculations for some fields (protocol description is unclear)
Changed: CSerialPort should have better detection and recovery if the serial port is disconnected
Fixed: BlindsT0-T10 were missing from RFXComTRX plugin in domotiga.sql
Changed: RFLink settings don't need baudrate
Changed: RFLink can create Oregon and Cresta devices
Added: RFLink plugin protocol information
Fixed: Changed window icon
Added: Settings form for RFLink
Fixed: CSocket didn't always release memory if the socket isn't properly closed
Fixed: Memory leak in JSON-RPC
Fixed: Sync'ed DomotiGaServer3 with DomotiGa3
Fixed: Several Blinds1 packet issues.
Added: Action Event to publish to an MQTT topic.
Fixed: Re-apply Visonic database changes.
Added: Blinds1 support for RFXComTRX plugin. (needs testing)
Added: Updated RFXCommander for Blinds1 control.
Fixed: Plugwise plugin now keeps track of plugs not responding and retries to query them.
Changed: Updated RFLink Plugin, fixed temperature calculation
Fixed: RFXComTRX typo (not impacting functionality)
Fixed: RFXComTRX Thermostat1/3 didn't work with new address format
Fixed: RFXComTRX RFXmeter could append 0x0x<value> with new address format
Fixed: RFXCom LED won't be turned off if an invalid packet was received
Fixed : Writing relay status Velbus modules VMB4RYLD & VMB4RYNO
Changed: Visonic supports configurable downloadcode for some PowerMax panels
Changed: Visonic supports standard mode (without downloading information from panel)
Changed: Visonic shows enrolled keyfobs for PowerMax panels (they can't be used for triggering)
Fixed: Clearer address format for Visonic devices
Fixed: Removed debug messages.
Fixed: Plugin protocol field length.
Added: Protocol values for RFXTrx Blinds1 devices, code and devicetypes will follow.
Added support for VMB8PB Velbus module
Added traffic led for Velbus plugin
Added new Velbus module Id's
Changed: Put upgrade fix for issue 589 back
Fixed: Duplicate Wirelesstags Interface entry, preventing it to start
Changed: DomoZWave wrapper can handle more Z-Wave device types (mainly Z-Wave+)
Changed: DomoZWave wrapper supports more alarm types (v2/v3), bug/feature 592
Changed: Update Plugin examples, fully using CSocket and CSerialPort
Changed: CPlugwise doesn't create CSerialPort/CSocket always, only when started
Changed: CSerialPort/CSocket are set to 'finished' now
Fixed: Remove debug message inside trigger editor.
Fixed: Don't translate globalvar type combobox.
Fixed: MQTT understand SP (setpoint value)
Changed: CPlugwise uses CSerialPort now. Also ser2net (TCP) support added
Changed: Minor fixes in CRFLink
Changed: Visonic can support ser2net (TCP) too now
Changed: CSerialPort didn't always reconnect when a device was unplugged
Fixed: CSerialPort would give a not freed message on exit
Changed: Improved reconnect handling in CSerialPort and CSocket
Added: RFLink plugin, alpha version (db changes will follow)
Changed: CSocket client mode can handle reconnection
Changed: Minor typos in Visonic plugin
Changed: Added devicetype values to Devices.modules
Changed: CSocket improved for client WebSockets mode
Fixed: Visonic PowerMax PIRs are correctly updated
Fixed: Improved Visonic communication errors
Changed: Example CPluginFoo will be using CSerialPort
Fixed: Visonic didn't trigger an on/off for a PowerMax PIR
Changed: Increased debug output on the CSerialPort (disabled by default)
Fixed: Visonic could crash if the panel didn't return partition info
Changed: Updated Gambas project files to 3.8.4
Fixed: WebSockets masking algoritm was wrong
Fixed: WebSockets will never mask if in server mode (according to RFC6455)
Fixed: Visonic could give an exception if it couldn't download zone information
Fixed: CSerialPort tried to read data during an event, even if nothing to read (Pi)
Changed: Improved read/write error logging of CSerialPort
Fixed: Autocreation of MQTT devices.
Added: Now guessing content type. (json/generic)
Fixed: Only update P2000 globalvar if msg is new to prevent event triggers.
Fixed view and edit description in device value
Fixed: Extend serialport field length for arduino and velbus
Devices.GetValues will return sorted by valuenum
Fixed: Enlarged multi-trigger form objects
Fixed: Uppercase log entries.
Added: New Visonic database settings to form.
Fixed: Buienrader settings form issues.


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