1-Wire Weather Station


The 1-Wire Weather Station plugin supports the One-wire weather (OWW) open-source project that realizes a weather station using 1-wire weather sensors. A good instroduction can be found in the The 1-Wire Weather Station article (Sensors magazine - June 1998)


Enable OWW

DomotiGa can interface to OWW using:
  • Oww text-format
  • Hendriksen WServer TCP (only shows data, no parsing)
  • Hendriksen WServer UDP (only shows data, no parsing)

The settings window can be found under Interfaces -> 1-Wire -> OWW

Add devices

Once you have enable OWW and auto device create, it will create the device automatically as soon as valid data is received.
If you want to define it manually, select the OWW protocol, and the device and interface are shown.

Shown are temperature, windspeed, wind direction in text, degrees and point, rain and (hidden) update time and date.

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