Conrad 8-Way Relay

Conrad 8 Channel PC Relay Board, RS232 Serial, 230Vac, 16A also Low voltage version available.
Conrad Item no.: 197730 - 62 (230 V) and 197720 - 62 (24 V)

Technical data

Operating voltage 12 - 24 Vdc
Current consumption max. 300 mA
Inputs / outputs 8 relay outputs
Output power Contact load carrying capacity 16 A / 230 V/AC
Version Component
Length 212 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 29 mm
Highlights & details

Cascading of up to 255 cards


Relay card for switching loads via RS232 or with optional adapter board (order No. 197257) with the USB-connection of a computer.
For extending the relay switching outputs up to 255 relay cards can be operated at only one interface.


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