Z-Wave Aeon Labs Clamp Energy Meter



The Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor (HEM) is a energy monitor for the entire home, meant to be placed near the distribution board. It can wirelessly report immediate wattage and kWh usage to a ZWave controller.

There are two versions HEM's: one (first generation) battery or USB power operated device and the 2E version that is connection to the AC mains.

For both version you have to connect the current transformer clamps around the AC Mains of a circuit to detect energy usage for that circuit. For the 2E version you also have to connect the voltage sense lines to the same circuit.


  • Place the controller in inclusion mode
  • Press the button on the HEM
  • The LED will remain constantly lit if the inclusion was successfully.


Tips & Tricks

Add a new devices and set the values like in the picture:

Don't forget to activate the pool sleeping device on Z_Wave settings:

Change/add the units of the reported values

  • Select the device, right mouse button, Edit
  • Click the Values Tab
  • Double-click one of the value lines to get the Value edit window
  • Change in the Main tab the units using the drop-down box
  • See below for the version 2E units:

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