This Wiki page describes how to upgrade DomotiGa and/or Gambas.

The following upgrade procedures are available:


Regularly fixes and features are added to DomotiGa and is recommended to upgrade if you have issues or want the latest features. Upgrading DomotiGa is easy to do with a few simple commands, as described below.

Stop DomotiGa/DomotiGaServer

/etc/init.d/domotigaserver3 stop

All running DomotiGa applications need to be stopped, before it can be upgraded.

Make Backup

First we will make a backup of DomotiGa with the following command:

$ cp -rp ~/domotiga ~/domotiga.<date>

When, during the upgrade, Domotiga updates the database, it will first ask you to make a backup. If you still like to make a backup yourself, use the following command:

$ mysqldump -u root -p domotiga >~/domotiga.<date>/domotiga-backup.sql

Update DomotiGa

DomotiGa can easily be updated with the following commands, it will retrieve the changed files from the DomotiGa GIT.

$ rm -rf ~/install/domotiga
$ cd ~/install
$ git clone domotiga
$ cp -rp ~/install/domotiga ~

If you want to switch to the beta or other branch, see Beta Branch.

Copy rrd files

If you want to continue the RRDTool graphs, copy, before starting the new version, the *.rdd files to the new version:

$ cp ~/domotiga.<date>/rrd/*.rrd ~/domotiga/rrd/

See also RRDTool Domotiga update.

Upgrade DomoZWave wrapper

If you use the DomoZwave wrapper for OpenZwave support, update/recompile the wrapper as per Z-Wave_OpenZWave

Start DomotiGa

Restart the DomotiGa with the following command:

$ cd ~/domotiga
$ ./DomotiGa3.gambas

Restart the DomotiGaServer with this comand to upgrade the database:

$ cd ~/domotiga
$ ./DomotiGaServer3.gambas -a 

After that you can start it as normal.

Database Upgrade

If the database structure has been updated, the DomotiGa GUI will prompt you with the screen as shown in the following example.

Before it applies the changes to the database, DomotiGa GUI will ask if it should a backup of the existing database, as shown in the following screen. With this backup you can rollback if you encounter issues.

After the backup is successfully created, it shows the folllowing screen.

After clicking on OK it will apply the changes to the database and will shown you a screen as in the example below.

DomotiGa will upgrade from you previous version to the latest version. If upgrading across multiple versions e.g. 1.0.004 => 1.0.005 => 1.0.006 then DomotiGa will prompt you multiple times to upgrade.


Upgrading Gambas is normally a manual action. The TRUNK release is regulary updated fixes and improvements and is recommended to be used/updated if you run into issues with DomotiGa. Following the next steps to upgrade (=re-install) Gambas on your system.

If running Gambas with the DomotiGaServer backend and DomotiGa client, both systems need to be upgraded.

Stop DomotiGa/DomotiGaServer

All applications running Gambas need to be stopped, before Gambas is upgraded.

Remove the installed Gambas files

With most software it isn't needed to remove the current installed released first, but it is possible that some locations of binaries or libraries have changed. So first we will first remove Gambas completely from the system with the following commands:

$ sudo /bin/bash
# rm -f /usr/local/bin/gbx3 /usr/local/bin/gbc3
# rm -f /usr/local/bin/gba3 /usr/local/bin/gbi3
# rm -rf /usr/local/lib/gambas3
# rm -rf /usr/local/share/gambas3
# rm -f /usr/local/bin/gambas3
# rm -f /usr/bin/gambas3
# rm -f /usr/local/bin/gambas3.gambas
# rm -f /usr/bin/gbx3 /usr/bin/gbc3 /usr/bin/gba3 /usr/bin/gbi3
# rm -rf /usr/lib/gambas3
# rm -rf /usr/share/gambas3
# rm -f /usr/bin/gambas3
# rm -f /usr/bin/gambas3.gambas
# rm -f /usr/bin/gbs3.gambas
# exit

Backup Gambas

First we will move the locally download old Gambas source to another directory follows:

$ cd ~/install
$ mv gambas gambas.bak


The upgrade of Gambas is really a reinstallation of Gambas. Please repeat the following steps of the installation. Use the following link to go to it directly: Install Gambas

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