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    How to:
    First obtain the IP address of the HMLAN adapter. (it normally gets it through DHCP).
    Enable the Homematic support, and on the configuration pop-up enter the LAN adapter IP address. The port should always be 1000. The address (your choice) shall be 6 HEX digits, like F1F1F1.
    Click Save and check in the main log screen that the HomeMatic support is enabled.
    Now re-open the setup, and check on the third tab (devices) if the adapter is recognized and has accepted the new address.
    Pair the valve with the thermostat as descibed in the Homematic HM-CC-VD manual, which you received with the valve.
    Adding the thermostat to Domotiga: on the second tab of the setup pop-up you will see a "clock". Drag the hand of the clock to the top and click the "Pair" button. Domotiga will accept pairing requests until the clock reaches zero. On your thermostat press the OK button until it displays : "KON".
    Release the button on the thermostat. The display should start count down from 20 and then say : OK.
    (NOK means it failed to pair).
    The thermostat is now listed as a device in Domotiga, reporting Actual temperature, Humidity, Set Temperature and the requested Valve status. Use the values for graphs or to trigger actions in the normal Domotiga fashion.

    Setting temperatures is currently performed with a little widget, the HomeMatic Quickset, found in the tools menu.

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