UIR/IRMan Support

IRMan is an infrared receiver with a PIC processor inside it, it decodes almost any IR protocol and sends a unique pattern for each remote control key to the serial port, the UIR receiver is also using the same protocol and thus compatible.

DomotiGa can now map this unique 6 byte code to an Event trigger, so you can control everything by linking it to an action.

Simply enable UIR/IRMan in DomotiGa, and enable Debug, then press some buttons on your remote control and look at the debug logfile page which code it uses, then fill in the Event trigger, for UIR/IRMan 'irman' is always the remote control name.

2010/09/23 19:48:07 [UIR/IRMan] Remote: irman Button: 2AB92955C94A
2010/09/23 19:48:08 [UIR/IRMan] Remote: irman Button: 2AB92955C94A

Don't forget to disable debug if all works ok.

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