IRTrans Remote Control

With the IRTrans interfaces you can receive and send IR control codes.
DomotiGa support both modes, but IR codes needs to be learned first, see documentation on how to do that.

To work with the them you have to install the IRTrans Server Software for serial/USB IRTrans devices, Ethernet based Devices can be controlled directly via TCP (if you just have one, otherwise you have to use IRTrans Server Software too at the moment).

Receiving codes:
The ways this interface is integrated in the DomotiGa code is that for each IR code you receive you define an IRRemote trigger in the Events module.
You need to specify the remote and button name you see in the debug log after pressing the remote button.

Do this for all buttons you want to map.
Don't forget to disable debug if all works ok.

Sending codes:
You simply specify on the Send IRTrans event action tab the command string you want to send.

So 'cable,b' for sending button 'b' for remote control named 'cable', or 'cable,b,b0,l2' for the same control and button, but then specific for IRTrans Device 2 on Bus 0.

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