JeeLabs JeeLink support

If you like soldering your own projects and do some Arduino programming, then have a peek at JeeLabs

There you can find all kinds of projects related to monitoring stuff.

If you have a JeeLink, or a JeeNode connected to the USB port you can receive sensor data from other JeeNodes with RF.
This module let you integrate this sensor data with DomotiGa.

On my list are building room boards with added support for Infrared signal receive/decode capability and Infrared transmit function from DomotiGa.
Kinda like a cheap IRTrans over RF. And building a GPS locator over RF for my car, so DomotiGa knows when I'm home, and where my car is parked.

So watch this space.

Install Arduino IDE

If you want to program Arduino's you can use free software to do that, it's written in java so versions exists for Linux, Windows etc.
Of course we are "Linux minded", so here the steps to install it on Ubuntu 9.10.

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-plugin gcc-avr avr-libc

Remove package that causes Arduino to work improperly:
sudo apt-get remove brltty

Now download the Arduino Linux version here.
Copy and extract the downloaded file in your home directory.
To start the Arduino IDE open the arduino-0017 folder and double click the arduino file.

If you want to start the Arduino IDE from the command line, cd into the folder

cd /home/username/arduino-0017

And start the IDE with the command


You can make a launcher now if you want.

My Sensor

I have build this experimental setup, it currently receives temperature via a 1-wire DS1820 sensor, light level with an LDR, Motion detection with a PIR and it receives Infrared remote codes.

This is what DomotiGa receives in debug mode:

2009/12/13 13:09:02 [JeeLabs] OK 1 45 1 21 4800F040E
2009/12/13 13:09:02 [JeeLabs] Sensor ID: 1
2009/12/13 13:09:02 [JeeLabs] LDR      : 45
2009/12/13 13:09:02 [JeeLabs] PIR      : Motion
2009/12/13 13:09:02 [JeeLabs] 1Wire    : 21 C
2009/12/13 13:09:02 [JeeLabs] IR recv. : 4800F040E

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    can this module send commands to the Jeelink for it to send out RF?

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