Omnik sells inverters for solar panels meant for residential installations.
Recent inverters have built-in WiFi-interfaces and a RS485-, RS232-, USB- and Ethernet-interface.
From version 1.0.018 DomotiGa supports reading data from inverters with a WiFi-card which have a serial number starting with 602.

You have to provide it's IP address, TCP port (usually 8899), Serial Number and Crontab entry in settings.
Keep in mind that not all inverter models stay powered on when there is not sun, thats why you can specify a time frame.

Because of the amount of data collected and the dynamic number of strings (DC Inputs) the values are stored in 3 to 5 devices.

  • Main device (id 100) contains, Power Today (Watt Hour), Power Total (K.Watt Hour), Hours Total, Temperature of Inverter, # of strings (DC inputs)
    Total values are measured from last reset til now.
  • String device (id 101) DC Voltage, DC Current.
    There can be 1-3 strings devices depending on your configuration.
  • Output Device (id 102) AC Power, AC Voltage, AC Current, AC Frequency


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