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P2000 is a one-way communications network for pagers based on Motorola's FLEX-protocol in the Netherlands. The network is used by all emergency services like ambulance, fire department and police, and provides nationwide coverage. Several tests have shown the network can cope with the largest disasters when large numbers of emergency personnel need to be reached. The P2000 network is maintained by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.
Messages are similar to SMS-messages. The FLEX-protocol does not provide encryption, which means any message can be read by everyone with a receiver. Several websites provide a live monitor for all messages on this network.

The website publishes the these messages for the whole of the Netherlands. DomotiGa uses its newsfeed to retrieve the messages for the configured province. Also the distance to the location can be taken into account. DomotiGa will set in such case a GlobalVar value with the message and can be used to trigger a notification (e.g. E-mail, Notify My Android, Prowl and Pushover).

DomotiGa needs to have an Internet connection to have this work.


The Setup window can be opened by selecting Modules -> P2000 scanner

  • With Regio(s) you can select the regio(s) you want to follow. Press one and it will be moved to Available to the Selected regio(s) and vice-versa.
  • With Discipline(s) you can filter on selected disciplines. Click on a discipline to move it from Available to Selected or vice-versa
  • Text to match is used as filter. This text must be in the title otherwise the message will be dropped. Leave empty to do not text filtering
  • Geo Range gives the maximum distance for the location given in the P200 message to mark it as relevant; other messages will be dropped.
  • Max. Messages limits the maximum number of messages processed
  • Poll Interval is the interval the server will be polled.
  • When Show MapLink is enabled then to every message a map is added that is generated using Google Maps.
  • Enabling Debug will help you to debug things

DomotiGa Event/Action

After the P2000 plugin has been setup you can use the P2000 as a DomotiGa action in an event to send messages.


To create a new action go top menu bar, click on Events -> Add Event:

  • Give the event a Name and enable it
  • Create a new P2000 Trigger by pressing the Create/Edit right from IF, see below
  • Create a new Action by pressing the Create/Edit right from Actions(s), see below.
  • Once done press Save


  • Fill out Name and (optionally) Description
  • For Trigger Type select Variable
  • For IF Variable select P2000\_Message
  • Select Not equal <> and enter "" as value to test for


  • Fill out Name and (optionally) Description
  • For the Action Type select one of the methods to inform you
  • Based on the action type you have to fill in address, subject and message.
    • The P2000 message text can be added using <%P2000_Message>, see the example left


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