Plugwise is a system focused on saving energy, you can find more information about it here.

DomotiGa supports switching the Circles and Plugwise Stealth modules, and monitoring power usage values.
It uses a Zigbee-alike USB dongle which presents itself as a serial device.

Protocol is partially decoded now, thanks to Maarten Damen, look here for more information.


Determine Mac addresses of the circles

The MAC addresses are stored in a database of the Source software. This is usually stored in "Documents And Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Plugwise\Source\DB" directory. Open the PlugwiseData.mdb file that is found there with Acces or Excel. In the "Module" table you can find the MAC addresses of all circles.

The MAC address is a 16 chars long address like e.g. 000D6F00002366BB

I think the last 6 chars are to be found in the Source database, and written on the label of the Circles, so you must add the '000D6F0000' string to make a complete address.

A reply from Circle like:

2014/03/28 20:19:46 [Plugwise] < 00005E00C1296C (CRC OK)
2014/03/28 20:19:46 [Plugwise] Received Ack response!
2014/03/28 20:19:46 [Plugwise] Sequence Number: 005E
2014/03/28 20:19:46 [Plugwise] Acknowledgement: 00C1 (OK)

Means the Stick received the command correct (Ack), and the Circle responded.

If you used a wrong address or the Circle is out of range or not plugged, in you get:

2014/03/28 20:19:47 [Plugwise] < 00005800E1BF36 (CRC OK)
2014/03/28 20:19:47 [Plugwise] Received Ack response!
2014/03/28 20:19:47 [Plugwise] Sequence Number: 0058
2014/03/28 20:19:47 [Plugwise] Acknowledgement: 00E1 (ERROR)

Not Acknowledged.

Determine the USB port the stick is in

Plug the stick in and in a terminal window enter "Run dmesg | grep usb". This should show something like "/dev/ttyUSB1"

Enable the plugwise interface in DomotiGa

In DomotiGa go to Setup > Interfaces > Plugwise
  • Enable "Module enabled"
  • Set the serial port to the right one. When you don't know; just try them all. Mine is "/dev/ttyUSB1"

Note: You can also use the serial by-id notation like /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A4003x7e-if00-port0

  • Press "Save"

Add the circles

Go to Devices > Add Device
  • Name=E.g. Television
  • Type=Plugwise
  • Device=Circle (or Circle+)
  • Interface=Plugwise Interface
  • MAC addr.=fill in one MAC address you found in the database, it needs to be the long format like e.g. 000D6F00002366BB
  • Press Save

Every poll timeout the enabled devices of type Plugwise will be polled.

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