PushBullet is a service that makes it possible to push information to your Android phone or tablet from any web browser. Furthermore you can see all of your phone's notifications (WhatsApp messages, texts, phone calls) on your computer.

Pushbullet website

Mobile support is currently (Sep 2014) Android only, iOS coming.

Other DomotiGa supported notifiers are Pushover, Notify My Android and Prowl.


For using the service you need a (free) Google account.

Install the app on your phone or tablet using Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pushbullet.android

Then go to the Pushbullet website":https://www.pushbullet.com/ and press the Sign up button.


Open the configuration window under Modules -> Notifiers -> Pushbullet.

Send global variables and device values

Pushbullit can not only send text, but also can use the DomotiGa system information as in variables and device values.
Insert the required reference in your Pushbullit text the following way:

• a variable name: <%global var%> - insert globalvar value ( example: <%house_mode%>
• a device value (by device name): <#device name|field#> - insert value field number 'field' from device with name 'device name' (example: <#Doorbell|value1#>
• a device value (by device ID): <$device id|field$> - insert value field number 'field' from device with 'device id' (example: <$78|value2$>

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