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My humble setup, featuring (from the left clockwise), my Asus Eeebox server, XanuraCTX35 RFXCom Receiver Sitecom USB Hub naked 1-Wire my SonyVisca Sony D31 camera ITHO RF Remote with naked Weeder SSR, IRman, USB drive for backups, GSM Modem, a bunch of Serial-to-Usb converters in the middle and my UPS underneath. The plugwise Circle in the back is measuring 44,14 Watt, I can save some power by replacing my power adapters for better ones. And maybe ditch the UPS to save some more.

This is a very old setup, I left it here for nostalgic reasons..

This is a setup to test various modules.

From left to right you see an X10RF, Plugwise Circle, CM11, X10 Lamp, X10 Applicance, KAKU Module, Z-Wave Dimmer, Z-Wave Switch, KAKU Module and PLCBUS Switch and lastly a PLCBUS Dimmer.

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