Sony VISCA Camera Control

With this module you can control your PTZ camera if it supports the visca protocol.

To Do

  • Check all functions, focus isn't working with my Sony D31 cam.


Capture video stream

I have bought a Pinnacle Dazle USB video capture device. It is supported by Ubuntu Jaunty.
But it uses the newer video4linux version 2 framework. Gambas2 isn't compatible with that yet.
But you can use a work around by using a converter library.
To use it system wide use this.

$ sudo vi /etc/

For 64 bit applications the entry is:


Note that for example Skype is a 32 bit application, so even when running a 64bit version of Linux you should use the 32bit entry!

Don't get fooled by the name, this library wrapper does not only add v4l1 application compatibility to v4l2 drivers but it also handles conversion from cam specific formats to generic video formats for v4l2 applications. If you only want the conversion, without the v4l1 compatibility you can use "" instead of
With this I have an image inside Gambas webcam framework, but it's not error free. Something needs to be fixed or backported from Gambas3.
xawtv (sudo apt-get xawtv) displays it perfectly, even in the native camera mode using SVideo in and NTSC.

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