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UniPi board is designed to fit the cheap and easy to use Raspberry Pi mini computer. It has 8 changeover relays, 14 digital inputs, single channel 1wire interface, 2 analog inputs 0-10V and one analog 0-10V output. Furthermore the second I2C port of the RPi features 5V level converter and ESD protection, so you can easily connect other devices.


UniPi support has the following requirements:
  • DomotiGa 1.0.023 or higher
  • Python WebSocket library
  • Evok API


To use the UniPi with DomotiGa, it is mandatory to install the Evok API and software. To install the Evok API, follow the instructions on their website . After the Evok API installation, follow the configuration instruction, allowing DomotiGa to connect to the API via WebSockets.

After the Evok installation the Python WebSocket library needs to be installed, this can be done as follows:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-websocket


You can enable the UniPi plugin under Interface --> Input/Output --> UniPi

  • TCP Host and TCP Port give the name or IP address and port the Evok API can be reached
  • By enabling SSL Enabled you can securely communicate with the Evok API. When using this, check if SSL is enabled in the Evok API and you use port 443 instead of port 80
  • By enabling Debug you get debug output that includes all shared between the Evok API and DomotiGa


DomotiGa will create the UniPi devices automatically, if auto-create is enabled.


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