VoiceText Support


Also known as Text2Speech, DomotiGa currently supports three speech engines:
  • the default 'espeak' festival command, standard installed on Ubuntu.
  • the picotts lightweight TTS engine ported from Android
  • and the commercial Cepstral engine called 'swift'.


Install your swift engine and voices like this:

$ mkdir -p ~/install/cepstral
$ cd ~/install/ceptral

$ wget
$ tar xzvf Cepstral_Linda_i386-linux_5.1.0.tar.gz
$ cd Cepstral_Linda_i386-linux_5.1.0
$ sudo ./

Install into what directory? [/opt/swift":|here]] Enter
/opt/swift does not exist.  Create it? ([n]/y) y

Swift will be installed in the following directories:

  Voices in /opt/swift/voices
  Shared libraries in /opt/swift/lib
  Binaries in /opt/swift/bin
  Configuration file in /opt/swift/etc
  Header files in /opt/swift/include
  Examples in /opt/swift/examples
  Sound effects filters in /opt/swift/sfx
  Documentation in /opt/swift/doc

Is this acceptable?  Enter 'yes' to continue: yes

Installing libraries...

If you are installing Swift system-wide, you may need to add the following
line to /etc/ and run ldconfig as root:


(Otherwise, you will need to add it to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable in order to run programs linked against the Swift libraries.)

Installing voice Linda...

Creating configuration...

Installing binaries...
Installing symbolic link to swift...
Installing man page...

Setting permissions...

Kill License Server

Testing the installed swift binary...
/opt/swift/bin/swift -o /dev/null 'hello world'

****************** Installation Completed Successfully! *******************

To hear a test:

$ /opt/swift/bin/swift 'hello world'

If you have licenses, register them with this command:

$ sudo swift --reg-voice

Repeat above steps for other Cepstral voices you have.
I have bought voices Emily and Linda, they sound great!

Enable support via the VoiceText Setup menu, choose which engine and which voice(s) you want to use.
Test them with the buttons on the System Debug page.


espeak/festival is standard installed on Ubuntu and can be installed on other systems using something like:

$ sudo apt-get install festival

You can test it using:

$ espeak "A cat in the house"


Picotts is a small lightweight TTS engine ported from Android.
On Ubuntu you can install it like this:

$ sudo apt-get install libttspico-utils

In DomotiGa's voicetext settings please specify any of the supported languages in the Lang field.

$ pico2wave -l en-US -w /tmp/test.wav "Just a test!" 

Valid languages:

Usage: pico2wave <words>
  -w, --wave=filename     Write output to this WAV file
  -l, --lang=lang         Language (default: "en-US")

Help options:
  -?, --help              Show this help message
      --usage             Display brief usage message

Thanks to MrGoodFriend for adding/sharing picotts support!

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