This is still under construction - the WeatherUnderground information can't be shown/used in DomotiGa YET. It is only visible in debug mode

Weather Underground website

Weather Underground is a commercial weather service that provides real-time weather information via the Internet. Weather Underground provides weather reports for most major cities across the world on its Web site, as well as local weather reports for newspapers and Web sites. Most of its United States information comes from the National Weather Service (NWS), as information from that agency is within the public domain by federal law. The Web site is available in many languages, and an ad-free version of the site with additional features is available for an annual fee. DomotiGa only requires the free API Key.


Weather Underground (also called WeatherUG) has the following requirements:
  • DomotiGa 1.0.007 (revision 1293) or higher
  • DomotiGa has an internet connection
  • Weather Underground API Key, this one can be created/requested in the following steps

WeatherUnderground API Key

To be able to retrieve weather information from the WeatherUnderground website, an API Key is required. This section will describe how to register yourself and request the free development key. Go to the following website:

1. This will show you the following web page. Now you need to first sign up for a free account, click on the Sign Up for FREE! button.

2. After you clicked on the Sign Up for FREE! link, then the website will show you the following web page. Here you can sign up for the free WeatherUnderground account and supply your email address and password. In the following example the email address is . When finished, tick the I agree to the Terms of Service box and click on the bottom Sign Up button.

3. After you clicked on Sign Up you will re-directed to the main web page again. This will show you the following web page, with the email where the confirmation email is send to.

4. Now check your email account for the WeatherUnderground email, because you need to validate your email address. After you received the email and clicked on the link, the following web page is shown. This shows the validation is successful and you can login with your account.

5. Go to the right of this web page and supply your WeatherUnderground account, as shown in the following web page. Click on Login to login with your account.

6. After the successful login the following web page will be shown and click on the Explore My Options button. You will be direct to the web page where you can generate your key.

7. After you clicked on Explore My Options, the following web page is shown with the available API plans. For DomotiGa we just need the free plan, which is the Anvil Plan. Click on the Purchase Key button, but don't worry – you don't have to pay for this API Key.

8. We are almost there, we just have to fill some more details as shown below. After you supplied all mandatory information, click on the bottom Purchase Key button.

9. If your supplied information is correct, it will show you the following web page. In this example the free account is successfully registered and you have your API Key, which is a 16 character string.

Copy or write down the generated WeatherUnderground API Key, this is required to be configured in DomotiGa.

DomotiGa Setup

1. After you have generated your API Key, you can configure this in DomotiGa. Start the DomotiGa GUI and go to the WeatherUnderground module. This module is located in the top menu bar, click on Modules => Weather => WeatherUnderground. This will give you the following screen. By default the module is disabled, click on the Module Enabled option to enable it now.

2. fter the module is enabled, you can configure your API Key. This is a 16 character string, supply this in the Weather API Key input field.

3. After the API Key is configured, you need to configure your Country/City. This can be done with the search field and Search button on the bottom page. The recommended option is to leave this field empty, then the WeatherUnderground will try to auto-detect your location. If this fails, fill in your city or country/city (or the nearest big city) and click on the Search button again. The recommended format format is <country>/<city> for Amsterdam in the Netherlands this will be NL/Amsterdam or Netherlands/Amsterdam.

Wilcard searches are not supported by WeatherUnderground, only exact country/city names.

Additionally you can configure the Update frequency input field, this defines the interval in seconds that DomotiGa will try to retrieve the weather information from the WeatherUnderground site. Unless you have purchased a paid subscriber, it isn't recommended to configure a lower interval then 172 seconds (this is 500 requests/day).


The following Frequently Asked Questions should give you answers to most common questions or problems.



  • Added by johanvandyck about 4 years ago


    Maybe you should also mention a virtual device of type "weather" is needed to read out the values.
    Devicetype ID = weather
    Interface = virtual interface
    Address = WeatherUnderground

    Tip to troubleshoot:
    - enable debugging in the weatherunderground module
    - do a search on your server debug log (/logs/server-debug-<date here>.log
    e.g. cat server-debug-2015-07.log | grep "WeatherUG"
    - check if values are given back. Check if device is found. Example where my devide was not (yet) defined.

    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Fetching data for Country/City 'Antwerpen' with request ''
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Started refresh timer.
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Received '
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Description: Clear
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Temperature: 17°C
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Humidity: 68
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Visibility: N/Akm
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Wind: 4kph
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Wind Gust: 0kph
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] WindChill: NA°C
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] DewPoint: 11°C
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] FeelsLike: 17°C
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Heat Index: NA
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Pressure: 1013mb
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Precip 1h: --
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Precip Today: 0.0
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Weather Station: Antwerpen, Belgium
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [WeatherUG] Last Update: 2015/07/24 08:50:00
    2015/07/24 09:11:51 [Devices] Device with type 'Weather', address 'WeatherUnderground', instance 1' and interface 'Virtual Interface' not found!

    - afterwards, edit device values to add units and conversion factor. e.g. wind speed is km/h -> /3.6 -> m/s

    Kind regards


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