WiringPi is a GPIO access library written in C for the BCM2835 used in the Raspberry Pi.

DomotiGa has a WiringPi plugin to work with it, developed by epiniguin, checked in in the beta branch with for DomotiGa with commit commit:d7115379 and will be released with DomotiGa 1.0.017.


Download, build and install the WiringPi library:

Before trying to use DomotiGa to control things, it is a good thing to try if things work with a simple application like Blink:


You can enable WiringPi using the Setup window you can find under Interfaces -> Input/Output -> WiringPi:

Then add a device and set the Type to WiringPi:

  • The Device can be:
    • RaspberryPi I/O, RaspberryPi I/O Inverted or
    • WiringPi I/O and WiringPi I/O Inverted
  • The Interface is fixed
  • Address:
    • <pin> for normal RapberryPI GPIO
    • <wiringpi>:<baseaddr>:<i2caddr>[:additional options]|<pin> for WiringPI extensions.
  • For the remaining fields and tabs, see Devices.

WiringPI address examples

For MCP23017:


For MCP3428:

0:0 are sample rate(0-2) and gain(0-3), 105=0x69 because WiringPI doesn't work normally with hex addresses more than 0x40 - I don't know why.


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