xPL is a very popular protocol for exchanging messages between smaller devices.
I wanted to add support for it for many years, but had to find a nice way to do it, currently I have finished building simple support for connecting to a xplhub and listening for messages.
The interface I build was geared towards supporting RFXCom's RFXLAN with xPL firmware, I'm now looking at how I can make it more generic.
So other xPL devices and messages can benefit from this code.

For the xPL code to receive anything, you need to install and run a xPL hub on your server.

$ cd ~/install
$ wget
$ tar xzvf xPLLib.tgz
$ cd xPLLib
$ sudo make install
$ cd examples
$ make
$ sudo cp xPL_Hub /usr/local/bin
$ sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/xPL_Hub

Make sure it starts on system boot:

$ sudo vi /etc/rc.local
Insert before exit 0:
$ sudo /etc/rc.local

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