Below is a step by step description on how to set-up the YouLess LS110 energy sensor in Domotiga.

It is required that the LS110 is successfully installed at your energy meter location and you are able to access the unit via your local network.
Also remove any login password set in the LS110, because it is not supported by Domotiga

1: First enable support for the YouLess energy sensor in Domotiga Set-up:

  1. In Domotiga setup menu: click Interfaces, Energy Sensors, YouLess
  2. In YouLess setup window:
    - Select Module Enabled
    - Leave other controls default, but check Debug if you need it
  3. Click Save

2:Now configure the device following the steps below:

  1. In Domotiga Devices menu: click Add device
  2. In device configuration window:
    - Device: Select YouLess LS110
    - Name: Enter name for the device
    - Address: the IP address of your YouLess device
    - Select Enbled
  3. Click Save

Domotia will fetch every 300 seconds the energy useage stored in the YouLess LS110. Retrieved values are stored in:

- Value 1: meter reading (calculated by LS110)
- Value 2: usage (Watts)
- Value 3: last transmission status (if any data is send to

Below is a debug print of a successful fetch from the LS110:

[YouLess] Fetching ''
[YouLess] Received '{"cnt":"107467,165","pwr":2044,"lvl":11,"dev":"(±2%)","det":"","con":"OK","sts":"(13)","raw":93}'
[YouLess] Counter: 107467.165 kWh
[YouLess] Usage: 2044 Watt
[YouLess] Status: OK
[Devices] Interface with name 'YouLess Interface' has id '43'
[Devices] ValueUpdate() called for device with id '70' and name 'YouLess VS21'
[Devices] Device change triggered for device with id '70' and value1 '107467.165'
[Devices] Device change triggered for device with id '70' and value2 '2044'
[Devices] Device change triggered for device with id '70' and value3 'OK'

Please note:
By default Domotiga polls the YouLess every 600 seconds, but the YouLess publishes the power usage to the Bidgely site every 60 seconds. Meaning that the power usage you see in Domotiga is of the last minute only, 'forgetting' to note the usage of the other 4 minutes. The (estemated) meter readings are of beter use, but you have to calculate the power usage by your self.

Related Resources

The Instructions below describe the use of an access password for the LS110 while accessing the unit by URL/address. It requires some one with appropriate knowledge to look into this further to have it working with Domotiga, but did not want to keep this from you Domotiga/YouLess enthusiasts.

If the LS110 is configured with a password it requires a stored cookie to allow 'automated' access by, for instance, a browser. This can be achieved by using address/URL:

http://LS110_IP_Address/L? w=YourPassword (enter the password set-up in your LS110)

If curl is used it should be possible to store the required cookie for use in Domotiga by using address/URL:

curl -c /tmp/cookie.txt http://LS110_IP_Address/L? w=YourPassword

The cookie is stored in the file cookie.txt at the given location. It must be ' shown' each time data is requested from the LS110. This can be done with:

curl -b /tmp/cookie.txt http://LS110_IP_Address/a?f=j

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    DomotiGa device config screen with YouLess on a screendump:

  • Added by OWK over 6 years ago

    As of release 1.0.003 1183 YouLess configuration is changed:

    • support for multiple LS110 interfaces
    • IP address now configured on device level, not in interface set-up
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    Updated screen dumps and text according to release 1.0.014, my current release

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