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01:28 PM DomotiGa Development: RE: RFXMeter code for Arduino
You are right, battery life as it stands will probably be days at best.
As soon as I get time, I am planning to po...


04:55 PM DomotiGa Development: RFXMeter code for Arduino
I just made myself an Arduino powermeter that detects a blinking led that counts consumption from my electrici...


07:58 AM DomotiGa Bug #127: Device status log seems to have gone away
Yes, this is now resolved, although I'm not 100% sure when it was fixed. I have moved from the GamBas2 to GamBas3 ver...


11:11 AM DomotiGa Bug #228: Problem with thermostat settings in client/server setup
It works 100% correctly when I run the GUI in server mode.
I tried running the actions manually, both the script a...


11:07 PM DomotiGa Bug #228 (Closed): Problem with thermostat settings in client/server setup
At some point an error has appeared in my DomotiGa installation that stops my thermostat from functioning correctly.


08:53 AM DomotiGa Feature #115: Support for Esic temperature sensors
Yes, this seems to be working just fine:)


10:09 PM DomotiGa Feature #193 (New): Check if value has been in the same range for a certain amount of time
One thing I never figured out how to do which would be cool is to have some way of making a condition that checks if ...
09:59 PM DomotiGa Bug #180: "log status change to db" device id is allways 0 in mysql
I also had this issue earlier - although it was confined to the server/client setup only, if I ran standalone it logg...
09:39 PM DomotiGa Feature #192: Alarm Clock
I do, although I've had to mash up some events to make it happen - it does work quite well though, when my wife is wi...


11:13 AM DomotiGa Bug #183: only one google latitude device working at the time
I also have this problem.

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